The Rest of Your Life Begins Today

6 Jan

My mom left this little wooden sign next to my bed the night before I got married. Now it lives in my kitchen where I can see it every day and be reminded that The Rest of my Life most certainly Begins Today! I have had a slew of personal struggles over the last year, all mostly centered around eating, weight, exercise, and control. 2010 was a very challenging year that had more downs than ups, and having this little reminder in plain site has really helped me through the downs. Since my mom and I live 2 hours apart, this served as good daily advice from her! Thanks Mommma 🙂

So far 2011 has been balanced. I do remind myself daily that happy isn’t a number, not on a scale, nor in a bank account…. happy has to come from me and cannot be solely dependent on someone else. For me I find that I am happiest when I am living balanced and not extreme. The simple things in life are what keep me balanced. I like to have order around me and wake up to a clean kitchen and go to bed with the laundry folded (most of the time 😉 )

I have tried to get in at least an hour a day of exercise and really surprised myself when my exercise had to take a back seat on New Years Day and I didn’t beat myself up or get discouraged, I just got back to it on Monday as planned. This might seem stupid to view as an accomplishment, but rewind to any random date in 2010 and it would have really had a heavy impact on my day.

Baby steps toward a happy healthy ME!


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