Coupon Challenge

18 Jan

Somehow, regardless of all my attempts to create a realistic budget, my husband and I consistently spend more than our allotted budget on food and drinks. When I look at the breakdown our main credit card or checking account provides it makes me want to scream In 201o we spent way too much money on food – whether it was overspending because I got carried away at Whole Foods or Wegmans (heart them both) or because of the mid-week drop-ins to the local grocery store which quickly went from a gallon of milk to $26 of who knows what or the amount we spent on alcohol each week! Not that we are huge drinkers but we like a cocktail or two on the weekends and all of the food and alcohol added up to way more than our $100 weekly budget.

So in 2011 I am challenging myself to clip, cut and print coupons, compare my prices, cut the alcohol (this is easy since we are trying to get pregnant) and stash away that money that is wasted each week on nothing but tighter clothes!

In the first week we did ok, but we had my family down to celebrate New Years Day and dinner like that was definitely extra $$.

Last weekend (january 15th) we headed out with a list of meals for the week and the ingredients we needed to make them happen. We were armed with our coupons and we did pretty good – $65 at Wegmans. I had some coupons that were Whole Foods specific so I checked out the prices on the respective items while at Wegmans and then wrote them on the back of the coupon and compared them to those at Whole Foods – I was able to save about $5 doing this and it was worth it because hey – $5 a week would be $260 a year and that could pay for my hair care 🙂

We were out of Chicken, Lunchmeat, ThinSelects and Minced Garlic so husband offered to hit up Costco. I can never seem to budget Costco in the mix….. the prices on most things are great and since we use the items I don’t mind buying in bulk, but it is kinda hard to work it into a weekly budget, that said, he spent about $30 there but I also spent $30 at Whole Foods, so we came in at about $125 which went over the budget by $25, but considering this was our first stab at couponing in a while and really price comparing – I will take it!

Do you coupon?


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