To run or not to run – That is the million dollar question.

20 Jan

For me anyway!

Back in 2007 I took up running so that I could cross one item off my my bucket list. I ran the Philadelphia Distance Run and finished. That was the goal – to finish 🙂 Two years later I was engaged to get married and found myself running for exercise. I was in love with running, and it didn’t take long for me to decide to sign up for my second half marathon – the 2009 Philadelphia Distance Run. I ran this one to beat my previous time and that I did. The course is flat and the run is very enjoyable. A few months later I ran the New Orleans Mardi Gras half marathon and came in at 2:12:12. I had only run about 10 miles total the entire month leading up the the race, due to the crazy snow that kept getting dumped on the area, so I was pleasantly surprised at my time.

Cut to October of 2010. I was out of shape, down on myself and in no condition to be running another half marathon, but with a little convincing from my co-workers I decided to give it a whirl. It was dreadful. My hip started aching at mile 7 and never let up. I hated everything about this run and wanted it to just be over asap. I clocked my worst time and vowed to NEVER run another race.

A few months have passed and I have the itch again. I am a fighter and I cannot quit running with a run like that! So I emailed my friend today and enlisted her to run a half sometime this spring. She did some research and proposed we run this:

I am torn about whether I should attempt this or not. I pulled up the calendar and if I follow the  Hal Higdon Training Program and count back from Race Day – that brings me to this weekend! It seems to perfect to pass up so I am really leaning towards lacing up and pounding the pavement…… Ahhhh!


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