Up and at em’

25 Jan

The alarm was set for 5:30 this morning, because I had planned to get my Peak 10 Cardio workout out of the way early, but when my feet hit the floor my quads were sore as could be from Sunday’s run (first one in awhile) and Monday’s Peak 10 Strength workout, so instead I opted to get moving on my day. I showered, tested out my new straightner from ULTA, put the rest of the hardware on the newly painted nightstands


and got my crockpot filled up with the ingredients for tonights dinner – Beef Stroganoff in the Crockpot.

Beef Stroganoff is one of my husbands favorite dinners. My MIL makes it very heavy though and I have never taken a liking to it. So here is my attempt to make a lighter version  – first I cut the beef into chunks


 then I added some seasoning  

– in an effort to stick to our budget this week I opted for dried spices, which I had on hand – instead of the fresh stuff. I hope it does the trick. Next I added the mushrooms and garlic ,

then I dumped some beef broth mixed with flour on top and let her rip .

We have friends coming over for dinner tonight, so I quickly emptied the dishwasher and set the table with my Wedding China (that I rarely get to use) .

And now I am at work trying to be as productive here, but secretly wishing I was sitting at home knitting 🙂

Happy Tuesday!


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