It’s a new day –

29 Jan

Thank god!

Yesterday was the worst day I have had in a while. My day started by putting on these jeans (which I love O so much) and since they were fresh out of the laundry I had to do the little knee bend and wiggle that comes with any freshly washed pair of denim. Well my little wiggle led to this –

Big ole' rip in the Crotch

I swear, i know I have gained weight but I am talking about the first knee bend wiggle combo that split the crotch on these babies. Of course that made me want to scream, so then I had to wear a pair of jeans that are way too small, but they are the only ones I had clean/accessible. So I spent the day feeling like a sausage stuffed in that casing. While I was on my way to work I hit major traffic, so I jumped off the highway and decided to take a back road detour. As I finally neared my office I must have completely spaced out because I just kept on driving, passed the road my office was on and had to sit in even more traffic when I made the turn around. All of this before 9am really had me in a terrible head space.

And to top it all off, even though I had packed my bag for some Body Pump, my back was sore from shoveling and I had to skip it 😦

So by the time I got home the last thing I felt like doing was working out – so I didn’t. I also didn’t feel much like cooking (even though we have 2 nice pieces of filet waiting to be grilled) – so I didn’t. My husband offered to grab a pizza and salad and I didn’t stop him.  I woofed down 3 slices and some salad. I was starving by 8:30 when we finally ate, and normally I would beat myself up for eating 3 slices, but not last night… and not this morning. I was hungry and grumpy and tired and that pizza was fabulous!

We just rolled out of bed and this spoiled man has requested chocolate chip Pancakes for breakfast…. again! Actually, he doesn’t request – he says to me – “you make really good pancakes” to which I respond “Yes I do” and walk out of our bedroom. As I am half way down the stairs he yells – “does that mean you are going to make them?”. I smiled and said “of course”

He decided to assist and sprinkled some Chia Seeds on his… not pretty but there they are –

Breakfast was delic. I spent the last 2 hours trying to get a financial game plan for 2011. I mean if we want to start thinking about Baby-Making we gotta get the finances lined up!


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