2 Feb

I finally broke out of my workout rut all thanks to a kick ass spin class 🙂 Woop Woop!

I was starving when I got home after work, then spinning…. apparently my lunch and snacks were a miss today and did not hold me over at all!

I had a PB and Banana Sandwich on a Thin Select. The banana looks a little gross , but that is only because it is the other half to the one I used in my smoothie last night

With some chips (popchips rock my world)

And then I had a few snacks throughout the day – a refeul bar

 some pineapple

and for a late afternoon (think 3pm) snack I munched on some cukes and hummus.

After all of this I was still like a madwoman when I got home. I was really excited to taste my latest crockpot creation entitled “Mediterannean Pot Roast” but it was a miss. I ended up eating just a taste of it and decided it would not due. I had another serving of popchips and a scoope of cottage cheese with some strawberries and a handful of cheerios mixed in. A totally balanced dinner 🙂

Tomorrow I am making another of my favorite dishes… I pronise to take pictures before I stick my head in the dish!


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