Fun Fridays

4 Feb

That is the term my husband uses to describe any “fun” dangly earrings I wear. I think it first started about 5 years ago when I first started my job in the professional world. I would try to spice up my otherwise boring business casual attire with some snazzy earrings and necklaces or funky shoes and he would always notice the dangly earrings and comment on them. I must have responded to him on a Friday and said yeah – these are my fun friday earrings and bam… it stuck.

Today I am wearing these beauties

Something about them just puts a little extra pep in my step – and hey, who can’t use that?

For breakfast this morning I fried an egg white with some onion and tomato and enjoyed it on a toasted thin select

And a big ole jug of H20. I was still hungry for something sweet so I mixed up some pineapple, cottage cheese and cereal.

Off to work I go!

What is your favorite “fun” accessory?


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