Back in the saddle

6 Feb

Earlier today I wrote about my Buyer’s Remorse after yesterday’s shenanigans, but I am happy to report that we came in UNDER budget on our grocery shopping. Woop Woop!

After preparing my breakfast – 1/2 cup of rolled oats

with 2 tbsp (or 32grams) of organic PB

 Yes I measured my PB this morning…. lately I think I have been overdoing it with the calorie dense PB, so I figured it was time to check how I was really doing and it turns out 32 grams is exactly 2 tbsp 🙂

I must also confess that while I try to stay away from artificial sweetners like Equal and Splenda, I cannot seem to do without some sweetness (if there is no fresh fruit to be had) and I might be in love with Truvia

I feel like everything I read seems to indicate that this sweetner is ok since it is derived from the Stevia plant but I still would love to get off of the sweetness altogether. Remember I am a candy addict so I love my sugar! In addition to getting off of the sweets, I have also been trying to cut back on my coffee, so this morning I had a cup of tea instead.

After breakfast we were off to the grocery store and we did really well – got everything we needed for this week’s dinners and came in $20 under budget. Yay!

Off to get my sweat on.

PS. My house already smells awesome from the slow cooker BBQ pulled chicken – Thanks Courtney!


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