Buyer’s Remorse

6 Feb

My husband and I are hoping to start a family during 2011. That said, we decided it was time to sit down and really evaluate our spending habits. In doing so we were shocked to see how  and where we actually spent our hard earned money in 2010! We agreed to try and stick to the budget we prepared…. and I am sad to report that our first challenge (aka the first weekend) was a flop.

Out of the gate yesterday we were off to a good start. I had a bowl of cereal with a banana and some almond milk for breakfast

Hubs and I had a hot date with our financial advisor, who happens to also be a friend of ours, so we talked budgeting, taxes, life insurance etc with him. When we got home hubs sat down to prepare our tax return and this is where the day went south – we OWE money. This is a first for us and man is it a bummer. After coming to terms with the facts (I am so dramatic) we decided to head out and run the rest of our errands. While out we popped into a neighborhood favorite, grabbed a beer and split a crab pretzel (side note, these are not as good as the ones I have had while vacationing in OCMD, but still pretty tasty).

After our pit stop we were off to finish our errands, and that we did. We finally got home a little after 7 and lacked all motivation to cook for dinner (it was slim pickens) so we continued our downward food and budgetary spiral and ordered a pizza.

I ate 2 slices (also worth noting, the pizza here is not as yummy as the pizza at the Jersey Shore 🙂 ) and then the crust off 2 more pieces.


So the whole point of this post is that we failed at our budget and went right back to our old habits yesterday. I woke up this morning feeling disappointed in us and wishing we could return the pizza, beer and bar food. Unfortunately, if it were that easy, the world would be full of really thin people 🙂 So instead we decided to put our best foot forward and dominate our grocery shopping….. and try to think before we spend on such silly things next time!


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