Vinegar Heaven

6 Feb

I was dumping all of my ingredients into the crockpot for tonight’s dinner and I saw that it called for cider vinegar. I gave the lazy susan a spin and realized I have a bunch of different vinegars in there

I don’t know why this is the first time I am realizing it because I am in there everyday, but it was. I need all of them though 🙂

For lunch I had an unbalanced, not-very-nutritious plate of chips, cheese and salsa.

Next to candy, chips and salsa are my most favorite food 🙂 I love them.

Dinner turned out great! Hubs was pleased (as he loves all things BBQ) and I liked it a lot too. I had mine on a toasted thinselect and had a big serving of salad on the side.

Soooo freakin’ good!

Now I am settling into the couch,  to watch commercials, with a big ole glass of red  😉


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