Everything changes

13 Feb

Last week I took a break. Now you could be thinking – what was there to take a break from? You just barely got going with this thing. But I read some comments on another blog and realized, it is kinda silly to take a photo of every single thing I eat and then just post it on here hoping someone would care. So I took a break and did some soul searching and tried to figure out what it really was that I wanted to share with the world… or at least the few people who actually follow a link and find themselves on this blog.

While I was “soul searching” my husband and I got the most amazing pre-Valentine’s day news….. I am pregnant! It is very early – maybe 4 weeks but I couldn’t be happier. This was about 95% unexpected and it is still just sinking in. We are going to be parents! There was  no way for me to type last week  – my hands were shaking and I really don’t even remember most days because I think I was just floating on a cloud.

So I have decided to take this blog in another direction – more of a documentation of my journey to becoming a mom, and a happy, healthy one at that. Having recovered from an “eating situation” and just recently finding balance in my exercise routine, I am a little bit scared about how all of the changes that come along with being pregnant will really impact me, but I know that I have a strong support system and that those changes are all for what is now a little piece of rice that I love more than words.

Happy almost Vday!


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