About Me

Hello Blog World!

I am a lover of so many healthy living blogs, and often find myself either nodding knowingly about the struggles many of them have faced or laughing out loud as my favorite bloggers let us into their daily lives – I decided to start this blog as an outlet for me to document my journey to find balance… in the everyday.

About two years ago I lost a bunch of weight as I prepared to walk down the aisle, after the wedding I gained most of it back, and found myself in the midst of some serious eating issues. I am working through them now, and I am in a much better place (although a little heavier – a lot happier) than I was even 6 months ago. I know that it isn’t healthy to stop living life because you need to count calories or burn calories for that matter.

I used to weigh myself 5 times a day… maybe more and often times, the whole tone of my day was dependent upon the number that flashed back at me from the scale. As a part of my balance seeking expedition, the scale has been banished from the bathroom and now lives under a chair in our bedroom.  Happy Isn’t a Number after all.  I recently had a conversation with a good friend, who also happens to be an RD and she aked me – “So you don’t care what you look like or what size jeans you wear – you just want to see a certain number on the scale?” Hearing someone repeat it back to me put into perspective just how goofy it sounds so I decided to focus on how my clothes were fitting and how I was feeling. And like I said before, my backside may no longer fit into those size two jeans, but I have let go of that dream, and recognize that I may have been skinnier then but I was torturing myself and wasn’t truly happy.

So I hope that you will join me as I share my ups and my downs and my journey to find balance in the everyday 🙂


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