Fun Fridays

4 Feb

That is the term my husband uses to describe any “fun” dangly earrings I wear. I think it first started about 5 years ago when I first started my job in the professional world. I would try to spice up my otherwise boring business casual attire with some snazzy earrings and necklaces or funky shoes and he would always notice the dangly earrings and comment on them. I must have responded to him on a Friday and said yeah – these are my fun friday earrings and bam… it stuck.

Today I am wearing these beauties

Something about them just puts a little extra pep in my step – and hey, who can’t use that?

For breakfast this morning I fried an egg white with some onion and tomato and enjoyed it on a toasted thin select

And a big ole jug of H20. I was still hungry for something sweet so I mixed up some pineapple, cottage cheese and cereal.

Off to work I go!

What is your favorite “fun” accessory?


A candy addict kicks the habit day 2

3 Feb

Today marks day two of my own little candy detox. I read on another blog that the blogger would marry a sour patch kid if it was legal and I must admit that  rang so true to me it was scary!

I would eat those little buggers until my tongue fell out of my head.  So for a few days I paid attention to how I felt before, during and after I ate the candy and here is my self assessment. I generally crave the sugar when I start to feel overwhelmed or stressed. I also crave the sweets right around 2:30 or 3 in the afternoon. When I am eating the sweets (not only SPKs – I dominate chocolate and other fruity candy too) I feel happy to be doing so, and then as soon as the last sweet hits my tongue I feel guilty, defeated and disappointed. Not to mention all the crap in the candy gives me a headache, a raging, headpounding, headache, yet I still eat the damn candy.

So in order to help myself kick this candy addiction I knew I had to have a plan lined up for how to react to the various situations I noted above. One of them is the breathe. Deeply. And get a grip of whatever is really bothering me. I found that on Day 1 – I got overwhelmed and wanted the candy, but I sat with the uncomfortable overwhelmed feeling for a few seconds and the urge passesd (Yay!). Another little trick I tried today (around 3pm) was to chug some H20. I drank down almost 32 ounces and again – the urge passed. The last trick I have – which is more for an emergency situation when water and breathing just won’t cut it is to whiten my pearly whites 🙂 I have a little stash in my desk drawer, along with a toothbrush and toothpaste and I am prepared to use them!

Now on to dinner. I made Green Bean Salad with Shrimp (recipe adapted from the Master your Metabolism Cookbook).

First I trimmed my green beans, and the microwaved them in water for about 3 minutes. While they were cooking I cut up a pint of cherry tomatoes and a 1/4 cup of kalamata olives. When the green beans were done I mixed all three together.

Next I sauteed some shrimp and then added them to the mix:

Next came the dressing, which was 2.5 tbsp of Red Wine Vinegar, 3 tbsp of EVOO, some oregano, 3 cloves of garlic and some S&P, and I tossed it all together.

Made myself a plate, sprinkled a little feta on top

and dug in!

That my friends was an awesome dinner and lucky for you I actually paused to take pictures before inhaling it 😉

I am off to cuddle with the husband and furry children and catch up on my DVR!

How long does it take to break a habit?

Ice skating to work

3 Feb

The snow/freezing rain we have been getting started to melt yesterday but froze overnight. I was unpleasantly surprised when I arrived at the office this morning and found that I would have been better suited to lace up some ice skates to get into the building! Grrr….

Before I left the house I had some oats with PB and a half a banana.

Looks gross but tasted like heaven


Lunch and snacks today were all repeats from earlier this week. I packed cottage cheese and pineapple

a refuel bar

and last but not least, a turkey and cabbage sandwich and some pop chips!

I am so boring but I can’t help it. I have been so tired lately that when I get downstairs in the morning my hands just automatically start making the same old stuff.

Do you eat the same thing for lunch?


2 Feb

I finally broke out of my workout rut all thanks to a kick ass spin class 🙂 Woop Woop!

I was starving when I got home after work, then spinning…. apparently my lunch and snacks were a miss today and did not hold me over at all!

I had a PB and Banana Sandwich on a Thin Select. The banana looks a little gross , but that is only because it is the other half to the one I used in my smoothie last night

With some chips (popchips rock my world)

And then I had a few snacks throughout the day – a refeul bar

 some pineapple

and for a late afternoon (think 3pm) snack I munched on some cukes and hummus.

After all of this I was still like a madwoman when I got home. I was really excited to taste my latest crockpot creation entitled “Mediterannean Pot Roast” but it was a miss. I ended up eating just a taste of it and decided it would not due. I had another serving of popchips and a scoope of cottage cheese with some strawberries and a handful of cheerios mixed in. A totally balanced dinner 🙂

Tomorrow I am making another of my favorite dishes… I pronise to take pictures before I stick my head in the dish!

Groundhog Day

2 Feb

I am most certainly hoping today is not a repeat of yesterday in any way shape or form. I woke up yesterday feeling well rested and ready to tackle the day and that quickly dissipated by about 3pm. Mid afternoon is definitely the worst time of day for me. I am not sure why. I get tired, grumpy and lose focus. I was planning to come home whip up some dinner and squeeze in a quick workout but I just couldn’t get myself together. I did take care of the whipping up dinner part with a little help from the husband.

See the steam actually coming off of the bowl?! That is a delicious Chickpea and Chicken Chili with some Quinoa.

Unfortunately that did not satisfy the munch monster living inside me and I grabbed a handful of popchips. Sometimes you just need something crunchy!

But I didn’t stop there – o no I didn’t. I then made myself a strawberry banana smoothie with a big giant scoop of Peanut Butter

After eating what probably equated to another 450 calories I was annoyed with myself and just decided to give in again and get some zzzzzzs. I woke up early this morning not wanting to lift (which is what I should be filling in on my workout log). I am hoping that tonight’s spin class will be just what I need to get my act together.


1 Feb

Most days I try to pack a lunch. Since we are trying to save money, this just makes so much more sense. I can easily spend $8-$12 just grabbing something, which can really add up. Usually I try to pack a sandwich and a few snacks, in hopes that this will satisfy both my sweet and salty cravings and deter me from the CANDY DISH – So here is a look at what is in my lunchbox today.

Turkey Sandwich with some Cabbage (sounds gross but i love the crunch)

Some Veggies and Hummus

And a little Cottage Cheese and Pineapple…

I also bagged some popchips and will finish it off with a big thing of H2O!

Hoping this fuels me through my afternoon slump and into my evening workout.

Finding my motivation

1 Feb

I really struggled to find motivation to work out last night, and eventually just let it be and snuggled into my couch and watched some SATC on Demand. I woke up this morning ready to go. Ah the wonders of a good night’s sleep 🙂

I popped out of bed around 5:30 and ate some cereal with strawberries, chia seeds and almond milk (I am totally loving the strawberries)

Now I am off to get my sweat on before heading to my day job. Hoping to get a lunch post up…. slowly but surely getting the hang of this!